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Alt + tab

Cricinfo has made us used to logging into, for information regarding cricket – scorecards, statistics and articles. Advertisements

The outsider

With so many people with their eyes glued on the happenings in Delhi and setting up their connections to make headway in their deals of business and politics the resident of the city is at the receiving end of this unwanted and unwarranted trespassing of interests.His fate is sealed by the lical govt. Whilst the … Continue reading

He saved me from a stalker!

In the suburban area of the city with sufficient freedom of movement for the residents there was scope for development of the spaces but it was ¬†getting difficult for the ladies and girls travelling on their own to and from the residence during evening hours as they were subjected to unusual behavior from the vagabonds … Continue reading

4 advantages of not having stubble, to be told to a man

The men must have heard the disadvantages of smoking, alcohol consumption and various other habits tonnes of times. All of this falls on deaf ears. Men have become immune to listening to the disadvantages. This post will tell you how you can explain a man the advantages of not sporting stubble on their face:

Atta Power

Today it was an interesting day. A day dedicated to Pillsbury Chakki atta. Coming to the story from my kitchen, today’s story is something that you will enjoy reading.

What’s cooking?

There are a lot of stories which happens in the kitchen. Some are hilarious. Some are sad. I want to blog about these stories. Stories which get cooked in the kitchen.