The outsider

With so many people with their eyes glued on the happenings in Delhi and setting up their connections to make headway in their deals of business and politics the resident of the city is at the receiving end of this unwanted and unwarranted trespassing of interests.His fate is sealed by the lical govt. Whilst the oursider adds to the floating population.He is witness to the haohazard way of life of the city in comparison to hia countryside comfort.

ALMOST ALL OF US BELONGED TO VILLAGES TILL THE British arrived.They gave a name and categorized the geographical points on the map that suited their apparatus of control to control the entiee span from the himalayas to the malabar and cape south.With the departure of the British our establishment redefined the contours and assigned important roles to the cities to enact the framed laws drawing from the experience and knowledge of the indigenous thought.

It worked initially but not when the population surpassed the threshold and started bursting at the seams.

It has proved Churchill’sforthright remarks that Indians will silly the system in no time.They donot have the competence to run the sjow with its myriad sections pulling in varied directions.The resultant is just just a confused path to the nadir.You can witness the sorry state of the systems in Delhi city itself.

Life has plummeted to unheard of depths in half acentury buut the villages somehow have retained the fabric of peace and tranquility till this politicall animal in Delhi started dictating its will ensconsed in Delhi oblivious of the damage he has done to his own city at the expense of the taxpayer.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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