He saved me from a stalker!

In the suburban area of the city with sufficient freedom of movement for the residents there was scope for development of the spaces but it was  getting difficult for the ladies and girls travelling on their own to and from the residence during evening hours as they were subjected to unusual behavior from the vagabonds in the area.This girl was the breadwinner of the family and lived in the locality with her bed ridden father ,mother and a sister .She was managing well with support from his employers in getting a flexible time  choice of work.

But it happened one day that a stalker on his prowl accosted her and proposed.She was unaware all along of this follower.She was pretty but always minding her business.

When she outright rejected his proposal she thought the chapter is closed.She brushed aside from her memory too.

But it was not the case.The romeo returned with his friends late evening one day and grabbed her by the throat when she realized the gravity of the problem.She managed to break loose from his clutch and started running with the gang chasing her.

It was noticed by the owner of the Saloon on the road who  gathered the sharp knife from his work table and  ran to her rescue as she was  a regular pedestrian on the road and knew her family.

The gang sensing trouble  resorted to other devices all of a sudden.They were carrying acid which they splashed on her without care.She collapsed to the floor and in deep pain.By the time the  Shopkeeper arrived on the scene they tried to run but was chased  for a distance  who managed to catch hold of the actual culprit.He was shivering in fear at the sight of the knife  and was soon subdued.

He was soon handed over to the police.The girl was saved with minimum damage to her face from the acid but was grateful to the helping hand in the vicinity.

This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with BlogAdda.com

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