4 advantages of not having stubble, to be told to a man

The men must have heard the disadvantages of smoking, alcohol consumption and various other habits tonnes of times. All of this falls on deaf ears. Men have become immune to listening to the disadvantages. This post will tell you how you can explain a man the advantages of not sporting stubble on their face:

1] When a man sports a clean shaven look, he looks civilised. An unkempt person is not usually welcomed pleasantly in personal or professional life. You can explain them how your partner can have a more appealing personality when he changes his stubble look to a smooth clean shaven one.
2] Most women prefer being with a guy who is clean shaven. Their first impression on them is better when the guy is clean shaven. You need to tell this to your partner, because women today are found in every field. Who knows he might land up for an interview where the boss is a woman, or come across a good contact who is a woman. Your guy should be prepared for such instances.
3] Since women like their partners to be clean shaven considering the sensitive skin that they have, it is important that men are clean shaven so that his partner is not drifted away from him. A woman might refrain from getting close too frequently because she is afraid of the possible rashes and redness on her skin. So if guys need their women to be around them, they need to shave!
4] Stubble not only pricks the one it comes in contact with, but also the men themselves. It is not a good sign when a man is found scratching his face because the stubble is itching. So if guys want to prevent themselves from the embarrassment, then they should shave very soon.


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